Peter Bialobrzeski – George Town Diary
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Peter Bialobrzeski – George Town Diary
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George Town Diary, August 23–August 30, 2018

August 27, 2018
On the edge of the historic center, the visitor can imagine what would have happened to old George Town if it hadn’t been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2008. (Just take close look at the photographs!). What did happen to old George Town because of that privilege is a constant influx of tourist with a crave for Western-style cafés, serving cappuccino, cake and bagels. It always feels very odd to me that people fly thousands of airmiles, producing tons of CO2 to end up in a joint, of which they have plenty at home.

About the City Diaries
The city at the beginning of the twenty-first century is the major theme of Peter Bialobrzeski’s “City Diaries”. In this long-term project, which so far comprises 19 volumes, he has been investigating since 2013 whether the preconception of a city — a product of prejudices, personal observations and media communications — can be transformed into a specific image. Whether Osaka or Unna, Wuhan or Wolfsburg, Bialobrzeski is interested in the cultural differences increasingly hidden by globalization, which he makes visible by means of a seemingly objectifying aesthetic. Current political and social developments are also reflected in Bialobrzeski’s images and diary entries. Cairo, for example, cannot be understood without the Arab Spring, Athens without the euro crisis, and Wolfsburg, of course, without VW and the emissions scandal. On the occasion of the publication of “Athens Diary,” Melanie Mühl wrote in the FAZ: “Everyone should see these photographs.”
The format and page count of all titles are identical. This systematic approach allows for a comparative view of different urban settings, ranging from a megalopolis like Bangkok to a Westphalian medium-sized town like Unna. Further volumes will be published in loose order over the next few years.
PublisherHartmann Books
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Author(s)Peter Bialobrzeski
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