Safely packed

We work with premium-partners: to ensure your books are treated well during transport we only send via DHL and UPS. But mistakes happen and if the couriers should drop one of our parcels the extra-tough packing will keep the books from harm. Here we have made an endurance test: the parcel hits the side of the table hard – you can clearly see the deep dent in the package. Still, the books inside are save - not even the cardboard has been damaged.



Ordered books are picked from our shelves.


The wrapping material is suitably chosen for each individual compilation of books. Upon packing, the books are first wrapped in corrugated cardboard and secured with tape. Then it is placed in the outer cardboard box.


The wrapped books are tightly glued to the outer cardboard so that it will not move within the box.


Often the outside will be secured with tape as well for the same reason.


Labelled and ready to be shipped!