Berlin Mai 1945 – Valery Faminsky

Valery Faminsky — the Russian Robert Capa!

The discovery of this forgotten archive is a stunner. Faminsky (1914-1993) was embedded in the Soviet troops during the final days of war and he was right in the middle when the surrender was announced in the streets of Berlin in May 1945.

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Errata Editions

"I found it absurd that most of the photobooks that are now considered the greatest or most influential books the medium has produced over the past 150 years are unavailable to students and newer generations of photographers because of their extreme rarity or value. Photobooks were, and continue to be, vital to my own education and maturity as an artist, and I hope that this book series can inspire students, or anyone for that matter, through seeing some of these masterpieces in their entirety.”
–Jeffrey Ladd, publisher of Errata Editions

Daido Moriyama: RECORD

"Record" dates back to the 70s when Daido Moriyama started publishing his photography as an ongoing personal magazine series, outlaying his pictures from the streets of various cities. For you we have the following numbers:

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