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WHAT'S NEW? From A Life in Pictures to What They Saw

Duchamp, Kessels, Nemes, Hammer, Sassen, Krasner, Botta, Kirkland, Bachardy, Smith, Marden, Sugimoto, The Italian Photobook, Propaganda Front, The Quest…

This week's bargain: Japanese Postcards

From the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century, Japan was a vital world center for postcard art. More than just casual mail pieces, these postcards…

Book of the week: Factory Photobooks

Massive factory halls, dirty overalls, spinning gears and smoking chimneys: Factory Photobooks is the definitive overview of an extraordinary subgenre…

Special: Jackson Pollock – Supplement to the Catalogue Raisonné

In 1978, the catalogue raisonné of Jackson Pollock's oeuvre was published - it is still today a landmark publication that set standards for the conception…

This week's darling: Botero – Circus

Fernando Botero is recognized throughout the world for his iconic style featuring voluptuous, corpulent and voluminous figures.

This year, the Colombian…


Close-up, Icons of Cycling, Skateboarding 3D, Impressionism in the Age of Industry, Early Rubens, Jawlensky & Werefkin, Patti Smith, European Portrait…

This week's bargain: Matisse

Henri Matisse (1869–1954) is adored worldwide as a revolutionary painter and loved for his collages, or papiers découpés. His work in painting and…

Soooo many new books!

Schade, Eberhard, Berger, Thomkins, Giedion World, Gautherot, Sam Francis in Japan, Bratkov, Hodler, Haller, Stettler, 6 Months in the Fridge, Streets…

This week's bargain: Essential Modernism

Modernism, with its powerful aesthetic and compelling philosophical framework, is the twentieth century’s most defining movement in design and the applied…

Book of the week: Photo-Eye

Photo-Eye is the first book to focus on the architect Fritz Block’s work as a photographer.

Starting in 1929, he used the medium of photography to…

New books

Sibiu 2002-2013
€47.00 €19.95  
Hidden Treasures of Egypt
€59.00 €19.95  
David Campany (ed.)
€25.00 €12.95  
(English edition)
€75.00 €25.00  
€125.00 €85.00  
The Self-Representation of the Factory in Photographic Publications
€19.95 €9.95  
Graphic Design 1920 to 1960
€19.95 €9.95