We pack. You unpack.

Packing boxes is a key part of our work.
We try doing it thoroughly and with care, for you to receive the books as picked.
We sometimes get lost thinking of the beautiful destinations a book is going, but that’s besides the point. One thing we don’t know is how you’re receiving the boxes: Passionately waiting, eagerly ripping them open, carefully inspecting every book or instantly shelving them?
Send us a photo or video of you unpacking a parcel! Here are snapshots of us packing them!
Submit your jpg or video by emailing them to: hello@artbooks.eu!
We're randomly picking a winner who gets 30 Euros worth of books of her or his choice!



















































































































New books

.. und die abstrakt-konstruktive Avantgarde in Dresden 1919 bis 1932
€48.00 €10.00  
€58.00 €28.00  
Old World – New Look
€38.00 €15.00  
Zu Lebzeiten veröffentlichte Texte. Korrigierte und ergänzte Neuausgabe
€78.00 €29.95  
€50.00 €25.00  
€19.95 €9.95  
A Look at the Collection
Sämtliche Gemälde 1909-1918