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Whistler to Cassatt, Arbus, This is Mars, Resnick, Wood, Matisse, Plywood, Mural XXL, Kirkland, Cornell, Conley, Korneffel, Johns, Ballen, Templeton, Miró…

Bargain of the week: Justine Kurland – Highway Kind

Following in the photographic lineage of Robert Frank, Stephen Shore, and Joel Sternfeld, Justine Kurland’s work examines the story of America―and…

This week's darling: Hannah Wilke – Art for Life's Sake

American artist Hannah Wilke is recognized as a pioneer of feminist art.

She consistently challenged the prevailing narratives of women’s bodies and…

Special Editions: Rui Camilo – Common Ground

Three special editions of 11 copies of the book "Common Ground" will be published. The book is accompanied by a fine art print, both are signed & numbered:


New book: Rui Camilo – Common Ground

In ‘Common Ground’, Rui Camilo visualises a face of football away from the lucrative football business, celebrity hype and major events accompanied…

Rui Camilo's selection of books:

Inspiring photobooks and some of his favorite publications are part of the selection of books that photographer Rui Camilo has compiled in our bookstore.

WHAT'S NEW? From Bendiksen bis Strand

Mollison, Hugo, Engström, Cumming, Christenberry, Kenna, Steinmetz, Hido, Borensztein, Jungman, Ehrlich, Hesse, Dutch Photobook, Fashion Photography ...

Bargain of the week: Latin American Photobook

A growing appreciation of the photobook has inspired a flood of new scholarship and connoisseurship of the form—few as surprising and inspiring as The…

Finally back in stock! Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois's beguiling body of work encompasses spiders, cages, architectural sculptures, fragile human figures, and amorphous erotic forms. Strongly…

Bargain of the week: Through Vincent's Eyes. Van Gogh and His Sources

"Through Vincent's Eyes" provides a fascinating deep dive into the artist’s sources of inspiration that reveals his expansive interest in the artistic…

New books

€85.00 €39.95  
»Pre-order now! Ships in July!«
»Pre-order now! Ships in July!«
Photography and Impressionism
€34.00 €17.95  
Photographie und Impressionismus
€34.00 €19.95  
Book + Print "Vangvieng/Laos"
Book + Print "Santo António/Príncipe | São Tomé/Príncipe"
Book + Print "Cologne/Germany"
Werkverzeichnis + 8 Original-Holzschnitte
€920.00 €399.00  
1928–1982 (Complete Works)
€230.00 €39.95  
Catalogue Raisonné 1941-1981
€268.00 €39.95  
Volume 4 (incl. 2 woodcuts)
€230.00 €59.00  
Volume 3 (incl. 2 woodcuts)
€230.00 €59.00  
Volume 1 (incl. 2 woodcuts)
€230.00 €99.00