"One morning, one of us ran out of black and used blue, it was the birth of Impressionism." (Auguste Renoir)

Books by Gestalten

Everyone interested in design, illustration, typography or architecture is greatly served with gestalten books.

They discover and document new trends and fashions of contemporary creative culture: from packaging design to graphics, from illustration to architecture, may it be laps, logos or the history of the Chopper…

Recommandations by Peter Piller

At his last visit to our showroom, Peter Piller picked the following books that are important to him:

New books

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February / March 1991
Legendary Spaces of the Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde
€35.00 €10.00  
(English edition)
€49.95 €14.95  
€55.00 €15.00  

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