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Beatles, Redon, Rams, Kelly, Fashion Book, Europe Express, On Kawara, Midwest Architecture Journeys, Cut That Out, Le Corbusier, Lissitzky, Doig, Mayas…

This week's bargain: Vogue Covers

Since the beginning Vogue has set the standard for fashion magazines the world over and has become an icon.

For the first time, this book brings together…

Our favourite books of the week: Sun and Moon & Géricault

Sun and Moon is an unique pictorial history of astronomical exploration from the earliest prehistoric observatories to the latest satellite images. The…

A visit from Jem Southam

This week we had a visit from photographer Jem Southam who signed his new book "The Pond at Upton Pyne".

The exhibition is currently on show at the Photographic…

Freshly unpacked: New arrivals

Shore, Stoller, Sottsass, Goldin, Woodman, Riley, Boilly, Sorrenti, Rothko, Langer, Freud, Klein, The Dakota, Brush With Nature, Orbit Magazine Anthology,…

This week's bargain: Curtis – Sacred Legacy

One hundred years ago, Edward Sheriff Curtis embarked on a monumental project to photograph and document the lives and traditions of the Native peoples…

Book of the week: Nikita Teryoshin – Nothing Personal

Every day we are shown images of war and destruction. This coincides with global expenditure on arms increasing year after year.

Photographer Nikita…

Just in from Mack Books:

Just arrived and brand new from Mack Books: Billingham, Costa, Cole, Taje, Sanguinetti, Material Reform, Anonymous Objects, The Corporeal Life of Seafaring…

Soooo many new books!

Wall, Meeks, Kurland, Ando, Dion, Kahn, Horn, Degas, Scully, Shaw, Poussin, Delacroix, Flanagan, French Paintings, Italian Paintings, Babylon By Bus, Art…

This week's bargain: Peggy & Nelly

Peggy Guggenheim (1898–1979) and Nelly van Doesburg (1899–1975) were vital participants in the De Stijl movement, promoting, exhibiting and buying…

Frameables: art books with detachable prints to decorate your walls

Each book contains a selection of twenty-one high-quality reproductions that can be easily removed from the book, framed in a standard-size frame, and…

This week's darling: Helga Paris – Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

Helga Paris was one of the most important photographers in Germany, and became known for her photographs of people in their everyday life in the GDR. She…

New books

Medieval Central Europe and Hungarian Power
€125.00 €25.00  
The Art of Everyday Life in the DPRK
€29.95 €17.95  
Issues in the Making and Meaning of Reliquaries, 400-circa 1204
€59.95 €19.95  
Landscape Design Influenced by Abstract Art
€37.95 €15.00  
€93.95 €25.00  
On Fashion
€28.95 €12.95  
€49.95 €19.95  
A History of Photography in Fashion Magazines
€85.00 €39.95  
Great Photographers Meet Great Artists
€48.00 €19.95  
A Story of Astronomy, Photography and Mapping
€69.95 €34.80