Details on Shipping

We do ship internationally. Here's how and where.

Within the EU we ship via UPS or DHL. Shipping costs for orders less than 100€ are 7,50€. For orders more than 100€ in value, shipping is free of charge.

To Switzerland we ship with DHL at 18,00 Euros flat. For orders of 250 Euros or more, shipping is free of charge.

Within Germany we ship with DHL. Shipping costs are 3,50€ for orders below 75€. Orders more than 75€ in value, will be shipped free of charge.

The shipping costs for other destinations outside the EU depend on weight, value and ship-to address. The actual costs are being calculated during the order process. Simply follow the steps and you'll see.

Any other ideas?

Shipping Costs

Shipping to… Shipper Goods value Shipping costs
DE Germany DHL to €74.99 €3.50
DE Germany DHL from €75.00 -
CH Switzerland DHL to €249.99 €18.00
CH Switzerland DHL from €249.99 -
EU Europe UPS to €99.99 €7.50
EU Europe UPS from €100.00 -
World UPS different costs