Tamara Lorenz – Ismus Morpho Polis
12 pages, 22 x 30 cm , 82 g.
Tamara Lorenz – Ismus Morpho Polis
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Ismus-Morpho-Polis shows photographed backdrops in which cutouts, views, surfaces and colors negotiate with each other. The seemingly austere architectures lie on top of each other in interlaced lightness. At quite a few corners and endings, the other can be seen in the one.

The type of binding picks up on the illusionistic irritation of the photographs of the existing and the invented. At the beginning and end the diagonally folded leader papers unfold from the overlapping into two different surfaces. A cut-out on the outside allows a glimpse of the inner folding.
PublisherTotal Verlag
CoverHand thread binding
NoteEdition 50 (numbered)
Article IDart-59192


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