Tamara Lorenz – that this
60 pages, 22.2 x 31 cm , 367 g.
Tamara Lorenz – that this
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In the artist book that this two complementary photographic works are brought together. Opposites in black and white. Both graphic systems are based on filigree constructions that balance under formal conditions. Risk-taking or careful, naive or progressive. Within the individual images, the two groups of images and the pair of books, balance is inherent.

The space of the scenarios is elusive and is re-stretched, veiled, erased from image to image. Through deliberate small inaccuracies, perspective offsets or overlaps, and an often confusing use of light and shadow, fixed points go flying. This creates a graphically illusionistic game in which the objects are artistic visuals as if they had never existed in space.

The two brochures are mounted laterally offset back to back. Turned to the end of one, the beginning of the other is so found.
PublisherTotal Verlag
CoverThread binding
NoteEdition 45 (numbered)
Article IDart-59198


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