Tamara Lorenz – so oder so
80 pages, 20 x 23 cm , 564 g.
Tamara Lorenz – so oder so
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The book presents photographs and videos of two work groups that oscillate between abstraction and narration. „Half life in itself“ turns air-filled colorful bags, wooden slats, chairs, a fan, cables, and other silent protagonists into heroes of everyday life. A tragicomedy of thing being as a persiflage of human existence.

The picture series „Higher Powers“ evokes archaic masks and totems. At the same time, references to minimal art are evident. The simple materials used in these sculptures do not detract from their strength and power, but demonstrate the seduction of pictorial means. The book is complemented by an art historical text by Deborah Bürgel and a collection of sketches.
PublisherDarling Publications
LanguageGerman, English
NoteEdition 500
Article IDart-59197


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