Joseph Beuys: Aktionen 1963-1986
520 pages, 17.4 x 25 cm , 1798 g.
Joseph Beuys: Aktionen 1963-1986
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With his legendary actions, Joseph Beuys revolutionized art. They transformedsculpture into a form of action and expanded the concept of design from sculptural material into society: the Soziale Plastik (social sculpture). This DVD edition presents for the first time all significant actions of Joseph Beuys. Film and video documents that were difficult to access and believed to be lost have been discovered, restored, digitized, and partially reassembled; thus these DVDs contain new editions, first releases, and bonus material. The accompanying publication is a rich source for Beuys' actions that were not documented on film or video; these are illustrated with texts and photographs. Further, the edition includes an index listing the audiovisual documents by Joseph Beuys at ZKM | Karlsruhe.
EditorPeter Weibel
PublisherKoenig Books
CoverThread Binding in Clamshell Box
LanguageEnglish, German
NoteDVD edition: 8 DVDs with an accompanying publication and an index of audiovisual media by Joseph Beuys at ZKM
Article IDart-58553


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