Michael Kerstgens – Neues Leben
136 pages, 30 x 24 cm , 897 g.
Michael Kerstgens – Neues Leben
Russen – Juden – Deutsche
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This book is the last part of photographer Michael Kerstgens' long-running project on Jewish life in Germany. The point of departure for his documentation in this volume is the period of reorientation of Jewish life in Germany following reunification and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since 1990, thousands of socalled "Kontingentflüchtlinge," or Jewish contingent refugees, have flocked to Germany from Russia and the Soviet successor states. Their work revolves around social life in the Jewish communities and all the religious and social challenges they face. The book closes with current reports on Jewish families that Kerstgens already photographed in the early 1990s. Kerstgens has been professor of documentary photography in the design department at Hochschule Darmstadt since 2007. His extensive project on Jewish life was acquired in 2011 by the Photographic Collection of the Jewish Museum in Berlin and will be exhibited there for the first time in its entirety in spring 2012.
ContributorsWolfgang Büscher, Michael Kerstgens, Hanno Loewy
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