Volker Hinz – Carrousel
176 pages, 24 x 26.5 cm , 1214 g.
Volker Hinz – Carrousel
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Volker Hinz (1947–2019) was one of the great German photographers of the 20th and early 21st centuries. He himself selected the pictures for the second volume “Carrousel” of the book trilogy (edited by his wife Henriette Väth-Hinz) for an exhibition in 2015. They were taken behind the scenes of countless fashion shows—especially in Paris, where his ticket as a Stern photographer gave him access to areas that remained closed to ordinary photojournalists. The Paris images, taken between the 1970s and 1990s, are complemented by shots from Milan, Florence, London, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, and Hamburg. They give us a glimpse behind the scenes of the haute couture scene and scene, while also depicting fashion designers—occasionally in private, completely “unadorned,” but also in their function as major figures on the art scene. From Karl Lagerfeld to Thierry Mugler, from Yves Saint Laurent to Claude Montana and Armani, Hinz observed many of the legendary designers of his time. Staying true to his style, he was not impressed by the glittering world of models and fashion and managed to capture very personal, candid moments.

The design of this book is based on the magazine style of the 1990s as in a slide carousel, the pictures are collaged together allowing the viewer to dive deep into the great era of the fashion world, coutouriers, and supermodels.
EditorHenriette Väth-Hinz
PublisherHartmann Books
LanguageEnglish, German
ContributorsHenriette Väth-Hinz, Timo Feldhaus
Article IDart-58923
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