Milein Cosman – Capturing Time
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Milein Cosman – Capturing Time
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This abundantly illustrated biography showcases the work of Milein Cosman, a prolific and talented German-born artist who was part of the British art scene in the second half of the 20th century.

Highly regarded in England's classical music circles, Milein Cosman was a remarkable artist who drew primarily from life. Her portraits of fellow artists were fueled by her own passions for music, literature, and visual arts. This biography traces Cosman's entire life, starting with her childhood in Germany where drawing provided her with a much-needed mental escape, to her immigration to England before the war, and to her successful career as one of the most highly regarded illustrators in Britain. It also explores her marriage to musician and broadcaster Hans Keller and the fruits of their artistic collaboration. In addition to her drawings, this book features Cosman's paintings, sculptures, and prints.

Also discussed is Cosman's remarkable drawing technique, which involved extremely rapid sketching completed in one sitting. Readers are treated to the full panoply of her works, including sketches of renowned figures such as Francis Bacon, T.S. Eliot, and Igor Stravinsky. Few artists have created an oeuvre that matches Cosman's range, quantity, and quality and this book shows why she remains a widely respected artist to this day.
Author(s)Ines Schlenker
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