Ken Narula – Iris & Lens
120 pages, 22 x 23 cm , 1034 g.
Ken Narula – Iris & Lens
50 Leica lenses to collect and photograph
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Ken Narula started collecting all things Leica at the turn of the century. What initially began as Narula’s passion has since transformed into an extensive collection, as his appreciation of the camera company’s craftsmanship and iconic, compact design—together with his fascination for photography—grew. In his photographic works Narula uses the camera to capture the moment in unscripted life situations and the lens to demonstrate great rapport towards those present: from melancholic daydreaming to the deepest feeling of nostalgia. Divided into two volumes, Iris & Lens thematically reflects Narula’s distinctive role as both photographer and collector. The first volume “Iris” offers a series of photographs he made between 2017 and 2022. The 50 black-and-white images were all taken with Narula’s array of Leica cameras and lenses, which he presents in the second volume “Lens.” From his broad collection, which spans 100 years of Leica’s technical history, Narula presents a minimalistic, up-close look at 50 lenses which he uses primarily for his own work, and highlights the lenses’ unique characteristics. With this careful juxtaposition of object and subject, Narula invites us to engage with the interplay between the iris of the human eye and the technically near-perfect lens.
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