Joachim Brohm – MASER (sign. num.)
58 pages, 30 x 42 cm , 600 g.
Joachim Brohm – MASER (sign. num.)
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Large-format zine with 56 color photographs from Joachim Brohm's archive of slides (1995-2000), scanned, edited and printed page by page by Alexander Rosenkranz on his legendary Konica-Minolta Bizhub 220 laser machine. Paper: Biotop3 extra 90g, adhesive binding. Text by Joachim Brohm. Design by eee studion. Edition of 100, numbered and signed by the artist.

"In 1995 I bought a second-hand Maserati. I didn't want to believe the somewhat dubious reputation of the brand, as the ambience and the engine promised me cultivated travelling without boredom. In the following years, I therefore sat at the wooden steering wheel a lot and commuted between my home in the west, a professorship in the east and the "Areal" in the south of Germany, where I was working on a long-term photographic project. I always had an automated camera with me, and so I took photos while driving, at all kinds of places where I was staying, as well as wherever the Maser forced involuntary stops in a capricious way."
—Joachim Brohm (text excerpt from the book)
LanguageGerman, English
NoteNumbered and signed by Joachim Brohm (ed. of 100)
ContributorsJoachim Brohm
Article IDart-59623


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