Frauke Dannert – Collage und Raum | special edition
144 pages, 23 x 29 cm , 1530 g.
Frauke Dannert – Collage und Raum | special edition
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The formal language of Frauke Dannert (born 1979 in Herdecke, lives and works in Cologne) is based on the artistic process of collage. From found and collected material - from plant scans to architectural photographs - the artist creates delicate forms of dancing, writhing, pausing pictorial elements. She arranges these in varying (pictorial) spaces, consisting of image carriers such as paper, raw cotton, or the bare wall.

Her collage works oscillate between organic and architectural, between real and imaginative spaces, and above them open up a space of association, similar to cloud formations, in which we can always discover new forms. With projections and colored carpets Dannert overlays the existing architecture and alienates the spatial experience: the optical illusion of the collage expands into the spatial.

The artist's second monograph combines works created since 2016 with new series of graphite paintings that bring together her collage technique and her spatial gestures. In her essay, Schnitte im Raum (Cuts in Space), art historian Vanessa Joan Müller illuminates the artist's characteristic methods as well as paradigmatic works. A first volume was also published in 2016 by DISTANZ Verlag.
LanguageEnglish, German
Notebook + edition „Eine Straße mit vier Bäumen“, paper collage, acrylic, 21,5 x 28,5 cm, sign. numb. (ed. of 20)
ContributorsVanessa Joan Müller
Article IDart-61346
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