Tatiana Trouvé – I Tempi Doppi
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Tatiana Trouvé – I Tempi Doppi
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In addition to staging numerous major exhibitions, the Italian artist Tatiana Trouvé, now living in Paris, has also participated in the São Paulo Biennial in 2010 and the Biennale of Venezia in 2007. The large-scale presentation of her invariably site-specific works in eight installation rooms at the Kunstmuseum Bonn is the first solo exhibition in a German institution – the shows in Bolzano and Nuremberg for their parts will be entirely different. The catalogue of these three spectacular events will now give the first comprehensive overview of both the installations and the large-format drawings.

What is striking about the work of an artist who spent much of her childhood in Africa, is the minimalist style in which simple materials, such as pieces of metal, stones, chairs, glass, soil, or water are deployed and always evoke memories in their surprising combinations with one another. Tatiana Trouvé’s rooms never present something that is absent symbolically, but draw the visitor, both concretely and corporeally, into a both fantastical as well as imaginatively charged spatial situation that seems to be suspended between lightness and monumentality, stability and volatility, fiction and the everyday. She herself tells a short, very meaningful story on the subject: »During my childhood in Dakar, some griots knocked on our door and told us the history of our ancestors, they told us about their role in the village, their professions. In truth, it had nothing to do with the actual history of our white-skinned, Italian-born family of four. The griots told the story of people from a village which had once existed on the site where our house currently stood, as if the past led to a coexistence or a parallel life abreast current reality, without giving rise to the slightest contradiction between the two. This »oral history« celebrated the chance occurrence that two temporalities could coexist in the same space-time. This insight opened the door for me to a hitherto unknown dimension. Since then, this idea has not left my consciousness. For this reason, I love stories that influence particular spaces, that intervene in them as it were.«
EditorStephan Berg, Letizia Ragaglia, Ellen Seifermann
CoverPaperback with flaps
LanguageEnglish, German
Author(s)Stefan Gronert, Barbara Hess, Letizia Ragaglia et al.
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceKunstmuseum Bonn
Article IDart-59257


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