Susan Hefuna – Pars Pro Toto III
160 pages, 24 x 28.8 cm , 1253 g.
Susan Hefuna – Pars Pro Toto III
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Like the two previous volumes, Pars Pro Toto III is the result of a close dialog between artist Susan Hefuna and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. The focus in this book is on Hefuna's complex work groups on site-specific and architectural installations, video works and choreographies. Hefuna uses urban spaces and cities like Cairo, London, Istanbul, Sharjah, Sydney, New York, and Vienna as her laboratory. The artist interacts with dancers, communities, urban and human structures in both personal and political ways. Pars Pro Toto III also features a foreword by Hans Ulrich Obrist, an interview with the Egyptian writer Nawal El Saadawi, as well as texts by the Lebanese-American artist and poet Etel Adnan, by Negar Azimi, Senior Editor of BidounMagazine, and by Brett Littman, director of the Drawing Center, NYC. Susan Hefuna's works were exhibited internationally at institutions such as Venice Biennale; Sharjah Biennale; Sydney Biennale; Seville Biennale; MoMA and Drawing Center New York; Louvre, Paris; House of World Cultures, Berlin; Townhouse Gallery Cairo; Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago; Drawing Center, New York; PiArtworks, Istanbul / London; Rose Issa Projects, London.
EditorHans-Ulrich Obrist
LanguageEnglish, arab.
Author(s)Etel Adnan, Negar Azimi, Brett Littman,
Article IDart-45471


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