Jack of Fables: The Deluxe Edition
416 pages, 18.5 x 28.2 cm , 1143 g.
Jack of Fables: The Deluxe Edition
Book One
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After leaving the safe but stifling confines of Fabletown for the cruel and dream-crushing streets of Hollywood, the incomparable Jack Horner (a.k.a. Jack B. Nimble, a.k.a. Jack the Giant Killer, a.k.a. Jack of the Tales) found unprecedented fame and fortune by cashing in on his own overly embellished legend—only to have it all taken away by the unforgiving enforcers of Fabletown’s laws.

Now, stripped of his wealth and forced into exile, Jack must return to his roots as a wandering ne’er-do-well, chasing after easy money and easier women. But upon hitting the open road, it soon becomes clear that the Mundane world boasts dangers the likes of which even this most experienced and charming of rogues has never faced before.
The self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Fable is finally given the five-star treatment he so richly deserves in JACK OF FABLES: THE DELUXE EDITION, written by FABLES creator Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges and illustrated by Tony Akins, Andrew Pepoy, Steve Leialoha, Russ Braun and Andrew Robinson. This first of three capacious volumes collects issues #1-16 of the classic series, and features a special section of preliminary artwork by Akins as well as an all-new introduction by the irrepressible Jack himself.
PublisherDC Comics
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