Benezit Dictionary of British Graphic Artists and Illustrators
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Benezit Dictionary of British Graphic Artists and Illustrators
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The Benezit Dictionary of British Graphic Artists and Illustrators consists of over 3,000 entries on a range of British artists, from medieval manuscript illuminators to contemporary cartoonists. Its core is comprised of the entries focusing on British graphic artists and illustrators from the 2006 Benezit Dictionary of Artists with an additional 90 revised and 60 new articles. The collection highlights the rich history of British printmaking-both fine art prints and mass print media-and related activities in the production and illustration of printed books and manuscripts. Because of Benezit's focus on European artists of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, this collection provides comprehensive coverage of British graphic art and illustration during their most significant periods of development.

Entries provide straightforward, concise narratives of the artists' lives and careers, and many entries include bibliographies, auction sale records, exhibition histories, and museum collection holdings. This collection also includes over 200 images of artists' signatures.

The Benezit Dictionary of British Graphic Artists and Illustrators serves as a compact, affordable alternative to the fourteen-volume Benezit for specialists and collectors in the fields of British art and/or printmaking. It offers a deeper historical and contextual background to the field, updating and adding to all relevant entries from the fourteen-volume Benezit, providing scholars and collectors with a snap-shot of the field.
EditorStephen Bury
PublisherOxford University Press
Article IDart-46296


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