Ray Ellis – In Retrospect
168 pages, 26.3 x 31 cm , 1528 g.
Ray Ellis – In Retrospect
A Painter's Journey
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The first retrospective of the work of Ray Ellis, a celebrated American artist acclaimed for his paintings of Martha's Vineyard and the Lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina.

With an insightful text by a noted American art specialist and vibrant, color–infused images, this dazzlingly beautiful book reveals the full breadth of Ray Ellis' remarkable career. While Ellis is often described as an Impressionist because of his loose brushwork, bright color, and interest in light and atmosphere, his work is naturalistic and closer to realism. Equally talented in oils and watercolors, he interprets the many sights and locales he has seen. In addition to marine subjects and coastal landscapes for which he is best known, this volume also presents his finest still lifes and paintings of cityscapes and travels. The works span several decades from the early 1960s through his most recent paintings. »Ray Ellis In Retrospect: A Painter's Journey« also includes an illustrated, autobiographical essay by Ray Ellis and a chronology.
PublisherAbbeville Press
ContributorsValery Ann Leeds, Ray Ellis
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceTelefair Museum of Art
Article IDart-45387


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