Dr. Paul Wolff & Alfred Tritschler – Printed Images
600 pages, 26.6 x 28.8 cm , 3120 g.
Dr. Paul Wolff & Alfred Tritschler – Printed Images
1906 - 2019
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This book presents the photo publications of Dr. Paul Wolff and Alfred Tritschler, revealing both their extensive artistic skills and business acumen. Wolff and Tritschler’s versatile approach encompassed industrial reportages, genre pictures, news coverage, advertising campaigns and even films. In this volume, their more than 1,000 known published works and many magazine contributions are gathered and illustrated in color for the first time. Texts drawing on extensive primary sources explore Wolff and Tritschler’s most important creations and reconstruct the history of their company.

We see just how markedly the contexts for the production and consumption of photography changed between the Weimar Republic and Third Reich, and how Wolff and Tritschler exemplify the pivotal role which outstanding individuals played within this history. Their journalistic activities developed within the larger expansion of photographic illustration; their success was closely linked to the advancement of media reception and its use in political policies. Wolff and Tritschler’s photo publications take on a further, political meaning—also in terms of National Socialist ideology—in the context of their concrete usage. This book’s focus on their entire oeuvre, particularly the little seen early and late output, makes it the most comprehensive evaluation of Wolff and Tritschler’s multifaceted work to date.
EditorManfred Heiting
LanguageEnglish, German
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