David Claerbout
176 pages, 22 x 27 cm , 1111 g.
David Claerbout
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David Claerbout's large-scale film projections are characterized by their extremely slow-motion image sequences that are created using computer-generated methods. Moving images freeze into still images. The themes of transience and stasis, and above all the majestic, unwavering nature of time, take on their own aesthetic in Claerbout's visual language.

Based on this, the American art historian Russell Ferguson analyzes David Claerbout's relationship to contemporary photography in his essay and explains his extremely precise working process, which often takes years. In a conversation with Thomas D. Trummer, David Claerbout talks about his philosophy and his perception of the world and the present, in particular against the background of the installations shown at the Kunsthaus Bregenz.
PublisherKunsthaus Bregenz
LanguageEnglish, German
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceKunsthaus Bregenz
Article IDart-42442
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