Henrik Spohler – The Third Day
96 pages, 31 x 26 cm , 978 g.
Henrik Spohler – The Third Day
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Food production in the age of industrialized agriculture and genetic technology.

Henrik Spohler (*1965) addresses the relationship between human beings and flora in his photographs. He inquires into such matters as the conditions under which food is produced and the landscapes civilization shapes in the process. The images present a global view of endless fields of cultivated plants outdoors or under glass or plastic: areas in Spain, Holland, Germany, and the United States where standardized products flourish under industrial conditions.

Photos of research institutions provide even more insight into those places where new breeds are constantly being created and tested, places where man himself ultimately becomes the creator, using genetic technology in order to give the plants even more profitable features.
PublisherHatje Cantz
LanguageEnglish, German
ContributorsFriedemann Schmoll, Christiane Stahl
Article IDart-41804


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