Hans-Ulrich Obrist – Hear Us
224 pages, 16 x 23.5 cm , 858 g.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist – Hear Us
Featuring Bill Burns
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Hans Ulrich Obrist Hear Us surveys the recent work of internationally recognised artist Bill Burns. From illustrations to sculpture, installation and photography, these multimedia works marry Burns‘ life-long fascination with nature – his artistic career arguably born of early experiments in documenting the wildlife around him – and a witty critique of the contemporary art world, its systems and the powers that govern it.
A humorous and iconic autobiographical text from Burns himself – a first person account that tells the story of the artist through a series of formative episodes in his life and career – supports his illustrated art works.
Further contextual essays are provided by Jennifer Matotek, the Director/Curator of the Dunlop Art Gallery, and Stuart Reid, Director and Curator of Rodman Hall Art Centre; Havana-based art critic and curator Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda; Dan Adler, author and associate professor of modern and contemporary art at York University in Toronto; and Berlin-based writer Jennifer Allen.
EditorBill Burns
PublisherBlack Dog Publishing
Author(s)Hans-Ulrich Obrist
ContributorsJennifer Matotek, Stuart Reid, Jennifer Allen et al.
Article IDart-19780


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