Franz Anton Maulbertsch – A Man of Genius
144 pages, 19.5 x 25 cm , 712 g.
Franz Anton Maulbertsch – A Man of Genius
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Franz Anton Maulbertsch embodies in a nearly ideal-typical way, the variableness and fragility of supposedly set positions. Early and main works by the artist – from the time of Empress Maria Theresia's reign – were defined by an absolute devotion to the ideas and principles of Baroque Catholicism.

The pictures radiated with a deep religious faith. Yet with Josephinism came upheaval. The Enlightenment spread a climate of sobriety and rationality. Maulbertsch had to subject himself to this sudden transformation. He had to accept that the times had changed and respond to these new trends. Belvedere owns the largest collection of works by Maulbertsch extending through all of his creative periods.

The exhibition catalogue offers new research findings and an up-dated catalogue raissoné.
EditorMichael Krapf, Agnes Husslein-Arco
ContributorsAlmut Krapf-Weiler, Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann, Monika Dachs-Nickel
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceBelvedere Wien
Article IDart-18176


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