Jorge Pardo
130 pages, 28.3 x 22 cm , 896 g.
Jorge Pardo
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For the artist Jorge Pardo (*1963), color, form and sense of space stand at the center of his artistic concept. In the experimental crossover of sculpture, painting and architecture, of design and a digitally oriented production, Jorge Pardo gives convincing expression to the utopian fusion of art and life.

Just how much Pardo actuates the respective site of representation and changes the whole effect of an area by means of his brightly colored design can be seen in his spectacular arrangement of the historical turbine hall at Düsseldorf’s Department of Works and the bar at Kaiserteich in the K21 Museum in Düsseldorf.

The works shown in this publication illustrate their formal richness.
EditorDoris Krystof
PublisherKunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen
LanguageEnglish, German
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceK21 Ständehaus, Düsseldorf
Article IDart-15858


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