Christina Kramer / Sonja vom Brocke – thoughts fall / ins Fell
12 pages, 21 x 26.9 cm , 478 g.
Christina Kramer / Sonja vom Brocke – thoughts fall / ins Fell
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"thoughts fall / ins Fell" fixes the medial interplay between art and literature, an artistic exchange between the author Sonja vom Brocke and the artist Christina Kramer.

Starting point for the book was a common exhibition, which presented works that were now translated into an artist's book: while the poems by Sonja vom Brocke, which where read during the exhibition, are now printed for the first time, Christina Kramer's installation were scaled down for the publication, partly by adding several foils to the pages.

"While on the one hand, an almost tangible plasticity is created by the words, on the other hand a precise graphical articulation is observed. The poems and the works of art inherit a dynamic tension. Starting from a similar way of thinking, spaces are experienced and presented, surfaces, layers and traces are used to create oscillating depth and plasticity – still the artworks always meet on an axis of sight."
(Cornelia Kratz)
Coversoftcover wrapped in tracing paper with hand sewed binding
NoteEdition, numbered & signed (10 copies)
Illustrationswith a full-page pigment-print & 4 integrated foils
Type of bookArtist Book
Museum / PlaceKöln/Berlin
Article IDart-09424


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