Lettering Large
224 pages, 26 x 28.7 cm , 1752 g.
Lettering Large
The Art and Design of Monumental Typography
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Typography has jumped off the printed page to stand on its own as branding, sculpture, and even architecture. Lettering Large examines this phenomenon through a diverse collection of images collected from a vast range of sources around the world. As technology has made construction and production of monumental letters possible, the demand for their design has grown exponentially.

This book is the first to chronicle letters as presences in the urban landscape. Preeminent graphic design and typographic commentator and historian Steve Heller teams with Mirko Ili?, a noted graphic designer, to select the most dramatic and telling examples culled from sites across the United States and throughout Europe and Asia.
Author(s)Steven Heller, Mirko Ilić
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