The Sistine Chapel
822 pages, 43 x 61 cm , 34000 g.
The Sistine Chapel
A super-deluxe three-volume collector's limited edition
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Make room for the world's ultimate coffee table book! The three-volume Super-Deluxe edition shows every inch of the Sistine Chapel and weighs about 75 pounds.

The publication of The Sistine Chapel trilogy is a pioneering technological breakthrough. To create the ultimate book of these masterpieces, a team of photographers made more than 270,000 digital images over the course of 67 consecutive nights. The team utilized imaging software to stitch together seamlessly all 270,000 individual frames. The result is the first opportunity in history for viewers to appreciate the frescoes as Michelangelo and the other artists painted them. We can observe in extreme close-up the artists’ precise colors and textures down to individual brush strokes.

The first volume is devoted to the fifteenth-century frescoes with stories from the Old Testament, whereas the second and third illustrate the works of Michelangelo, respectively the ceiling with episodes from Genesis, and the Last Judgement. The words of Antonio Paolucci, former Director of the Vatican Museums, guide the reader on a journey through the Sistine Chapel: the iconography and stories behind the masterpieces; heretofore-unseen details; the subtly nuanced palette; the energy of brushstrokes applied in the race against time that is inherent in the fresco painting technique; and the mesmerizing expression in the eyes and gestures of the figures portrayed.

This monumental project dovetails with the ongoing conservation program of the Vatican Museums, who have never authorized a publication of this kind. The worldwide publication is limited to 1,999 copies, with only 600 sets available in English language. The Deluxe edition is an art treasure for the ages.

– Printed on Fedrigoni Symbol Tatami paper
– Each volume is hand-bound in three-piece Bodoniana sewn binding in silk printed with metallic ink. The spines in white calf leather from matched hides are debossed in silver, gold, and platinum foil stamping
– Debossed handmade Italian endpapers
– Bespoke handmade gift box, cotton sleeves and a pair of white cotton gloves included
Coverspecial binding
NoteEdition of 600 worldwide, each volume hand-numbered
Author(s)Antonio Paolucci
Article IDart-64250


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