Andreas Keil
66 pages, 19 x 26 cm , 286 g.
Andreas Keil
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"In his works Andreas Keil extensively explores painting - well aware of its tradition. His oeuvre can also stand as a metaphor in search for unrecognized beauty. It is the controlled chance in the interaction of his paintings with the found carrier object that brings this beauty to light." Elke Kania

"Few of Andreas Keils paintings are higher than one-and-a-half feet and several are barely hand-sized. Although they are small, their presence is remarkable. They stick out from the wall and due to their intense chromaticity, it is seductive to get dangerously close to them. Their surfaces are vulnerable. But its details and the traces of the painting process only become visible at close range; crusts of colour that extend beyond the edge of the picture, for example; or the structure of the found wooden image carrier, with its deformations and traces of colour and injury, caused in or after its former use." Christian Aberle
LanguageGerman, English
ContributorsElke Kania, Christian Aberle
Article IDart-61253
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