Jean Baier (1932-1999)
216 pages, 31 x 23.8 cm , 1522 g.
Jean Baier (1932-1999)
expressiv konkret | expressively concrete
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The first monograph on the Swiss artist’s monumental oeuvre.

As a trained mechanic, Jean Baier (1932–1999) developed an artistic fascination for practical shapes and the aesthetics of industrial manufacturing. With the spray gun he applied cellulose paint to sheet metal, aluminum, and synthetic material. Strict clarity, angular lines, and minimal chromaticity characterize his three-dimensional works of art, which also had an impact on the discourse on Concrete Art. In the sixties and seventies Baier developed murals for walls and façades. He produced a metal relief (1963) for the cafeteria at the University of St. Gallen, designed a wall (1972) for the executive offices at Novartis, and created works for the Swiss Embassy in Brasília (1983) and the Varembé swimming pool in Geneva (1990–91).

This publication presents Baier’s objects in public space along with selected prints and paintings, generating a vivid portrait of this unusual artist.
EditorJens Neubert
PublisherHatje Cantz
LanguageEnglish, German, French
ContributorsIlona Genoni Dall, Thomas Jantscher, Jens Neubert et al.
Article IDart-60422


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