Felix González-Torres – Roni Horn
80 pages, 17.8 x 23.5 cm , 440 g.
Felix González-Torres – Roni Horn
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In 1990 Félix González-Torres encountered an artwork by Roni Horn called Gold Field (1980/82), a simple sheet of gold foil placed on the floor of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. González-Torres was deeply moved and wrote to Horn, beginning an exchange between the artists that would last until González-Torres’ passing in 1996. Félix González-Torres Roni Horn was created as a photographic essay with the intention of sharing the experiential qualities of the artists’ work and the profound relationships underlying it. It explores four iconic works (among others)—“Untitled” (For Stockholm) (1992) and “Untitled” (Blood) (1992) by González-Torres, and Well and Truly (2009–10) and a.k.a. (2008–09) by Horn—and emphasizes notions of doubling, duality, repetition, and identity. Images of these pieces, taken on the occasion of a 2022 exhibition at the Bourse de Commerce–Pinault Collection in Paris, reveal both artists’ radical visual vocabularies, as well their shared passion for language, writing and poetry. Their intention emerges as two-fold: to create a tension between artist, viewer and object; and to grasp the inexpressible, the immeasurable.
Author(s)Roni Horn
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