Claus Bury
400 pages, 20.5 x 27.6 cm , 1880 g.
Claus Bury
Die Poesie der Konstruktion | The Poetry of Construction
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Sculptor Claus Bury has been enhancing public spaces in Germany for more than four decades with his monumental sculptures, which by now total more than 100.

His canon of forms is comprised of geometric basic corpuses, such as squares and cubes, triangles and pyramids, rectangles, rhombuses and segments, which he employs in a contemporary Archaic style oriented on the antique structures of Egypt, Greece and Mexico. Bury's sculptures are almost always accessible, and the contingent changes in perspective do not only thematise the basic requirements of the human experience of form and space; they also articulate people's experience in their surroundings, impressively underpinning Hegel's theory that the world has a 'house character' and that man is fundamentally a domestic creature.

A spectacular review of Claus Bury's monumental works in ships, gates, houses, arches, bridges and temples.
EditorAngelika Nollert
LanguageEnglish, German
Author(s)Volker Fischer
Article IDart-58621


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