The Comunale Theatre in Bologna | deluxe edition
392 pages, 49 x 39.5 cm , 4700 g.
The Comunale Theatre in Bologna | deluxe edition
Teatro Comunale di Bologna
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The volume contains images of the new photographic campaign by Scripta Maneant, donated to the Theatre for puposes of study, restoration, and conservation.

Added to these new, richly detailed, unpublished images is a rich photographic array coming from the historical archive and including posters, stage photos, sketches, drawings, figurine plates, and more material so far never made visible to the general public.

The volume is a great editorial tribute to the history of the Comunale Theatre in Bologna, a city institution of international fame, and aims to celebrate its unique and overwhelming story also thanks to the text by the author Prof. Piero Mioli.
PublisherScripta Maneant
CoverSlipcase in box
LanguageEnglish, Italian
NoteLimited and numbered edition of 777 copies
Author(s)Piero Mioli
ContributorsVirginio Merola, Fulvio Macciardi, Raina Kabaivanska et al.
Article IDart-55861


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