The San Carlo Theatre in Naples | deluxe edition
420 pages, 31.6 x 42.4 cm , 4700 g.
The San Carlo Theatre in Naples | deluxe edition
Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli
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The most detailed and exhaustive exposure relating to the San Carlo Theatre, an Italian excellence celebrated around the world.

The new photographic campaign reveals every corner of the Theatre, from the stalls up to the tiers, from the stage and curtain up to the velarium. The images furnished by the Archivio Storico del Teatro di San Carlo have allowed the publication of historical photos and rare historical documents. Luigi Cuoco and Sergio Ragni Collection has granted further unpublished material in order to make the most exhaustive and prestigious volume ever made on this Theatre.

History of the Theatre is enriched by thematic focuses dedicated to the Abbiati Prize, the Costumes, the Ballet Company, the San Carlo in world and its restoration. The volume contains a 32-pages insert with historical drawings, sketches and fashiopn-plates from 1951 and 1999.
PublisherScripta Maneant
LanguageEnglish, Italian
NoteLimited and numbered edition of 777 copies
Author(s)Piero Mioli
ContributorsStéphane Lissner, Rosanna Purchia, Emmanuela Spedaliere et al.
Article IDart-55864


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