The Ultimate Cartoon Book of Book Cartoons
144 pages, 20.9 x 22.3 cm , 580 g.
The Ultimate Cartoon Book of Book Cartoons
by the World's Greatest Cartoonists
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This exuberant collection of cartoons is an enthusiastic love letter to books and bookstores.

The cartoons celebrate and critique the literary world through the work of thirty-three of the masters of cartoon art, including Sam Gross, Roz Chast, Arnie Levin, Danny Shanahan, Peter Steiner, Mick Stevens, Nick Downes, Liza Donnelly, Bob Mankoff, and Michael Maslin.

Many of the cartoons have been published in the New Yorker, while others are published here for the first time.
PublisherPrinceton Architectural Press
Author(s)Bob Eckstein
Article IDart-53649


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