Making the Cut
208 pages, 19 x 29 cm , 1180 g.
Making the Cut
Stories of Sartorial Icons by Savile Row's Master Tailor
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Bespoke tailoring has been synonymous with Savile Row for more than 150 years. Its venerable institutions are responsible for producing the world's most exquisite suits for elite clients who include celebrated entertainers, athletes, businessmen, politicians and royals. Now, as the Row moves firmly into the 21st century, its tailors are embracing unusual fabrics, new colours and modern tastes to update its long-held traditions and reach an ever-broader client base.

Master cutter Richard Anderson has worked on Savile Row for over thirty-five years and co-founded his company, Richard Anderson Ltd, in 2001. Here he introduces the traditional craft of cutting a bespoke suit and garments, showcasing twenty-five classic menswear designs that have been creatively adapted in new and unusual ways for the modern gentleman. Anderson tells the story of each piece, from a rakish red seersucker coat to a show-stopping black sequined dinner jacket, and explores the fascinating history of the diverse fabrics and cuts.

Original sketches, patterns and photographs reveal the time, dedication and precision that go into creating a truly custom-made piece. This lively bible of sartorial know-how will inspire.
PublisherThames & Hudson
Author(s)Richard Anderson
ContributorsDylan Jones
Article IDart-51738


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