L. Fritz #7
24 x 32 cm , 482 g.
L. Fritz #7
Krise in der Fotografie
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The 7th issue of "L. Fritz" is published under the title "Crisis in Photography" and reflects the role of photography in the worldwide crises and conflicts, also the paradoxical situation in which the medium finds itself: Never before so many photos have been produced as today, while at the same time the individual image has lost a massive value.

In addition to interviews with crisis researcher Wilhelm Heitmeyer and the head of the picture editing class at the Ostkreuzschule, Nadja Masri, we present the Corona documentary by Ingmar Björn Nolting, the climate change project "Everything is Connected," the "Archive of Public Protests" about protest movements in Poland, and the extraordinary Instagram channel "Insta Repeat."

Dutchman Rob Hornstra explains how he made his long-term documentaries independent of magazine fees and galleries, we take a look at the sales figures of the photo industry, introduce photo books, ask about the freedom of art in pandemic times, and have given three double-pages to the picture editing class at the Ostkreuzschule.
EditorInternationale Photoszene
PublisherInternationale Photoszene
LanguageGerman, English
Notegraphic design: Studio Carmen Strzelecki Illustrations: Nane Weber
Author(s)Nadja Masri, Helena Weber
ContributorsJörg Colberg, Sophia Greiff, Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Wolfgang Lorenz,Anja Martin
Article IDart-51571


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