Kevin Amato – The Importants
224 pages, 16 x 18 cm , 476 g.
Kevin Amato – The Importants
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The much-anticipated first book by photographer Kevin Amato, a leading influencer in fashion today

Kevin Amato, a fashion insider whose influence is felt around the world, defines who and what is beautiful and fashionable today. Through his photography - evocative of the work of the generation of photographers before him, including Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, and Ryan McGinley - Amato celebrates the faces of the Bronx, where he discovers the majority of his subjects. He takes their pictures. He casts them in fashion shows and advertising campaigns. He calls them 'The Importants', the young people thriving against all odds and who together exemplify diversity and inclusivity. Amato documents a new world order that is as provocative as it is tender, and as disturbing as it is joyful.
ContributorsAlix Browne, Rick Owens
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