Maison d'Artiste: An Unfinished Icon by de Stijl
132 pages, 23 x 23 cm , 658 g.
Maison d'Artiste: An Unfinished Icon by de Stijl
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Though it was never built, the design for the legendary artist's house Maison d'Artiste is one of the key works of the Dutch avant-garde movement De Stijl.

Created in 1923 by painter Theo van Doesburg and architect Cornelis van Eesteren for De Stijl's first group exhibition, the Maison d'Artiste was intended to encapsulate what De Stijl aspired to: a new everyday environment achieved through the harmonious fusion of painting and architecture. The scale model presented De Stijl's ideal space for life and work, with a gym, a music room and a studio, as well as living spaces like guest rooms and bathrooms.

Maison d'Artiste: An Unfinished Icon by De Stijl explores the revolutionary cultural importance of the design, its significance for the history of De Stijl and its place in a history of the unbuilt architecture of the 20th century.
EditorDolf Broekhuizen
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