Sean Scully and David Carrier in Conversation
168 pages, 19 x 26 cm , 860 g.
Sean Scully and David Carrier in Conversation
Abstract Painting, Art History and Politics
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What makes a person an artist? How do works of art and their very own, extraordinary style come into being? And how does the prominent painter view his own work? The world-famous painter Sean Scully met with the philosopher David Carrier for several in-depth interview sessions. Their conversations explore these and many more questions about Scully's life, work, and ideas. The result is a rich manuscript that very closely approaches the status of a valid autobiography. Scully provides personal insights into his life and the important sources of inspiration for his career. He discusses his own view of his entire oeuvre, of art history and his position within it. Thus, this text becomes a literal eye-opener for Scully's art, which can be (re)discovered through his words.


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