Max de Esteban – Heads Will Roll
176 pages, 21.7 x 27.3 cm , 1210 g.
Max de Esteban – Heads Will Roll
Proposition Four
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The compelling photographs of Max de Esteban’s se­ries Propositions pose uncomfortable questions. In Proposition One, translucent X-ray images magnify mechanical devices that have become outdated, al­though they continue to function perfectly according to their purpose. In Proposition Three, de Esteban (* 1959 in Barcelona) examines the cold, gray inner life of cell phones or tablets and the increasing enmesh­ment of the body and digital technology. In Heads Will Roll, part four of the series, the artist uses seduc­tive photo collages made of film stills, flower photos, and fragments of text to convey the essence of the parameters that are penetrated by the postmodern patchwork of our lives. The media define everyday life: we are permanently made to feel insecure by the wars and disasters that are always happening in the world; the individual is in danger of drowning in the masses; genuine and fake have become almost indis­tinguishable; and a vague fear of the East pervades political policy. Reality is largely conveyed as a media experience.
PublisherHatje Cantz
ContributorsCarles Guerra; Bill Kouwenhoven
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceDeutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
Article IDart-46079


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