Aitor Ortiz – Gaudí, Impresiones Íntimas (sign.)
624 pages, 16.5 x 23.5 cm , 1200 g.
Aitor Ortiz – Gaudí, Impresiones Íntimas (sign.)
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This book is a poem: a poem to the art of printing photographs on paper and binding the sheets into a book and, of course, a poem to Gaudí, the great Catalan architect. Although poems are difficult to describe, we will try anyhow.
Aitor Ortiz created this book against all odds, over several years, with the obsession and dedication of a real artist and with the help of several kindred spirits. You have to see it, feel it, smell it, and read it, page by page. The book is the result of an attempt to create a visual medium that corresponds with the artistic genius of Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). Ortiz combined his expertise as a photographer and artist with the geat talents and skills of like minded people: a poet, a graphic designer, colour separators, printers and binders. The result is a literally biblical, impressively minimalistic publication that is precisely conceived and implemented in every detail. The book presents all 126 pictures of his Gaudí project, which he completed in 2018. The original artworks, that are printed on aluminum plates, are reproduced here in perfectly balanced gray tones. The transparency of the thin paper and blank pages are an integral part of the design concept. The poems and texts by Basque filmmaker and writer Oskar Alegria add an associative level. The pictures were taken at Casa Milà, Sagrada Familia (and its model workshop), Casa Batlló, Park Güell, Torre Bellesguard, Palau Güell, Casa Vicens, Casa Calvet, the Güell Pavilions, and the crypt of the Colònia Güell.

Design: Santos Bregaña, printed on 55-gram Bible paper, flexible faux leather binding with blind embossing, three-sided black color cut, Smyth-sewn with black thread, each copy wrapped in black paper, in archival cardboard, edition of 700 cps., thereof 200 signed by the artist.

Aitor Ortiz (*1971, Bilbao) is one of the most famous contemporary Spanish photographic artists. His work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in European, Asian, and North American museums. He is represented by Galerie Springer Berlin.
PublisherHartmann Books
Coverspecial binding
NoteSigned by Aitor Ortiz
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