Abigail Reynolds – Lost Libraries
272 pages, 17.5 x 24 cm , 640 g.
Abigail Reynolds – Lost Libraries
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The works of British artist Abigail Reynolds are always closely linked to literature. So it’s not surprising that the winner of the third BMW Art Journey researched historical book collections on several continents for her project The Ruins of Time: Lost Libraries Along the Silk Road. On her five-month-long journey that took her from China through Uzbekistan and Iran to Turkey and Italy, Reynolds visited sites where libraries were lost due to political conflicts, plundering, natural disasters, and wars. These barren spaces symbolize the impossibility of comprehending and safeguarding all human knowledge. In this publication, photography and film stills from a 16mm camera supplement the artist’s literary recollections of her experiences.
EditorAndrás Szántó
PublisherHatje Cantz
Article IDart-46024


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