Edmond Baudoin – Piero
128 pages, 15.3 x 21.6 cm , 355 g.
Edmond Baudoin – Piero
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A touching graphic memoir about brotherhood, coming of age, and artistic inspiration by one of France's most celebrated graphic novelists. Edmond Baudoin is one of the most revered and influential figures in European comics, renowned for his slashing, expressive brushwork and narrative experimentation. New York Review Comics is proud to present the first English translation of his most intimate and inviting book, his graphic memoir of growing up with his beloved brother, Piero. Whether stuck in bed with whooping cough or out exploring in the woods, the two brothers draw together endlessly. They confront Martians, battle octopuses, stage epic battles between medieval castles, and fly high over the earth. Inevitably, they begin to grow apart, and their shared artistic life is replaced by schoolwork, romance, dances, motorcycles, and the struggle to decide what sort of people they want to be. Piero is a delicate, exuberant testament to the joys of childhood and a bittersweet account of what it means to become an adult--and an artist.
PublisherThe New York Review of Books
CoverPaperback with flaps
Article IDart-42106


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