Alexander Calder & Fischli / Weiss
272 pages, 24.6 x 30.5 cm , 1726 g.
Alexander Calder & Fischli / Weiss
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The American artist Alexander Calder (1898–1976) and Swiss artists Peter Fischli (*1952) and David Weiss (1946–2012) have sought and found quintessential ways of rendering a moment of fragile balance in art—a temporary state at once precarious and propitious.

With Calder’s groundbreaking invention of the mobile in the early nineteen thirties, and Fischli/Weiss’s collaborative creative work from 1979 onwards, these artists each lent the theme of fragile balance an iconic form of a very different kind. At first glance, both positions could hardly be more different; later, however, they proved to be two sides of the same coin, the result of different perspectives on the same theme at different times.

The elaborately designed, richly illustrated catalogue with accompanying essays provides extensive insight into both oeuvres.
PublisherHatje Cantz
ContributorsTheodora Vischer, Sam Keller et al.
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceFondation Beyeler, Basel
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