Magda Biernat – The Edge of Knowing
232 pages, 21 x 27 cm , 1100 g.
Magda Biernat – The Edge of Knowing
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The Edge of Knowing is the culmination of a year-long journey from Antarctica to the Arctic; a journey undertaken with the goal of understanding the places that from the vantage point of the United States, are often simply thought of as being beyond »America.« This collection of photographs and essays redefines the American conceit of an idealistic, utopian dream as a pan-American vision that is shared across the furthest extremes of the continents. Too often political borders represent the limits of curiosity and imagination. The Edge of Knowing takes us beyond the boundaries that traditionally define national identity. The results are an exploration of places both foreign and familiar. All share the unique physical characteristics that shape the landscape of the Americas, and the rich indigenous imprint of the pre-Columbian world.
ContributorsIan Webster
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