Valentin Carron
79 pages, 16.8 x 24.2 cm , 800 g.
Valentin Carron
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When Valentin Carron (*1977 in Martigny) was free to install his sculptures in the Swiss Pavilion in the Venice Giardini within the scope of the 2013 Biennale, the international art scene long since knew that he was one of the outstanding Swiss artists of his generation. Yet what constitutes the young Valaisian’s oeuvre? For the most part surely his profound affinity for his home, which can be considered one of his crucial sources of inspiration—Carron grew up in Valais and still lives and works there. At the same time, Carron’s works develop a second, defining component: they repeatedly ignite the issue of original and copy, of what tradition and identity can be. By reproducing familiar and traditional forms from his country using new materials, he allows space for their iconic meaning and impact in order to exhibit them with an ironic gesture. By doing so, the pristine white edelweiss is time and again exposed as being pristine white kitsch.

Exhibition: Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck 22.11.2015–7.2.2016
EditorOliver Zybok
PublisherHatje Cantz
CoverPaperback with flaps
LanguageEnglish, German
ContributorsGiovanni Carmine
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