Edouard Manet – Catalogue Raisonné
595 pages, 28.8 x 38.7 cm , 5900 g.
Edouard Manet – Catalogue Raisonné
(2 vol.)
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As the eldest son of a Parisian bourgeois family, Edouard Manet was rather rebellious at school and only had a taste for drawings. After a dispute with his teacher Thomas de Couture in 1859, Manet was free to paint according to his personal temperament.

He kept his personal conception of painting which was to express his visual sensation by abstraction. The direct confrontation of shadow and light in a range of clear colors is characteristic to Manet's painting which is an art of its own.

Vol. 1: Paintings
Vol. 2: Pastels, Watercolours and Sketches
EditorDenis Rouart, Daniel Wildenstein
PublisherBibliothèque des Arts
Type of bookCatalogue Raisonné
Article IDart-20392


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