Édouard Vuillard – Critical Catalogue of Paintings and Pastels
1742 pages, 26 x 31.7 cm , 11420 g.
Édouard Vuillard – Critical Catalogue of Paintings and Pastels
The Inexhaustible Glance (3 vols.)
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The art of Édouard Vuillard (1868-1940) spans two centuries: a leading protagonist of Post-Impressionism, Vuillard also took part in the renewal of the decorative arts after 1900.

This catalogue raisonné of the paintings and pastels of Édouard Vuillard provides an extraordinary opportunity to look again more carefully and above all, comprehensively. Hundreds of photographs taken by Vuillard himself, together with an unprecedented collection of preparatory drawings and sketches, focus more closely on the artist's creative process than has any previous study.

These three voumes present a compelling re-examination of Vuillard's work and recommends itself to experts and art lovers alike.
EditorAntoine Salomon, Guy Coceval
PublisherSkira Editore
CoverCloth in decorative slipcase
ContributorsAlec & Guy Wildenstein, Mathias Chivot
Type of bookCatalogue Raisonné
Article IDart-20151


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