Arnold Odermatt – Carambolage
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Arnold Odermatt – Carambolage
(French edition)
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With thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail, Arnold Odermatt photographed automobile accidents on the streets of the Swiss Canton Nidwalden. For 40 years the Swiss police officer captured accident scenes and property damage.

In his photos the drivers have gone and the victims have been removed. All that's left are the wrecked cars that tell the stories of excessive speed, drunk driving, right-of-way errors and plain follishness. The deformed steel takes on a malleable quality. The cars become sculptures that show the sudden end to many hopes and dreams, the intrusion of the unforeseen into well-regulated daily life. What results from the picture-taking policeman's official work is a selection of melancholic, sometimes funny and always strange atmospheric photos of our mobile society.
EditorUrs Odermatt
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